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Cangzhou Fitow Pipeline Co., Ltd. is part of the backbone enterprises in Hebei Kunpeng trade sales group. The company is located in the southeast of Hebei Province, east of Bohai, north of Beijing and Tianjin, Beijing households high-speed, convenient transportation and communication. The company's main steel pipe, pipe fittings, tubing, cloth machine, machine tool accessories, conveying machinery and other products trade. At the same time provide many value added services, purchasing on behalf of mining, the convenience of customers, realize the system accessories one-stop shopping, the purchase cost savings for customers.

Cangzhou Fitow Pipeline Company Limited has be richly endowed by nature superior geographical position, convenient transportation, the spot is available year-round inventory, the company based in good faith, the principle of small profits, and continuously forge ahead, in the fierce market competition, by virtue of good relations of cooperation and the spirit of service in good faith to win the trust of our customers and dependence and rapid development. We to forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, continuous learning, never satisfied with the general belief customers together to create a double win situation, welcome friends from all circles to visit Cangzhou Fitow pipeline limited company to visit, guidance and business negotiation!

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